Pricing for Gastric Band Support
Adjustments & Fills

Gastric Band Support Pricing

Every Client Matters To Us

You will have the benefit of personalised and professional safe care given by expert professional Bariatric Nurses Specialists, who really care and are dedicated in delivering a premium service at an affordable price.

Judith realises that every patient has invested not only emotionally, but financially in their weight loss surgery. At Gastric Band Support, we want every client to know and feel they are valued. For this reason your appointment with us will be unhurried and we are happy to discuss at length your experiences with your Gastric Band.

Our appointment times will be at least 30 minutes allocated to each client, and after a medical assessment and signed consent has been obtained, each adjustment will be priced at £95. Full and detailed plans of care will discussed with each client. We are happy to review each client at the clinics and we want everyone one of our client’s to achieve their weight loss.

Nurses in Bristol and Somerset

What does our Gastric Band Support service cost?


£95 approx €111
  • UK based Bariatric Specialist Nurse


c£95 approx €111
  • UK based Bariatric Specialist Nurse

Weight Loss Surgery

c£3650 approx €4250
  • Fully Supported weight loss surgery


c£5250 approx €5750
  • Reducing the stomach to c15% of original size


c£6050 approx €6650
  • Surgery to restrict food and calorie reduction

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