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What is a gastric band, is it safe and what do I do afterwards?

A gastric “band” is basically a silicone tube with a balloon device on one end and an inflation port on the other. It is fitted at the very top of the stomach with a small ‘inflation port’ underneath the skin on the left hand side of your stomach. It works by lowering your appetite and, […]

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What is gastric surgery

Gastric Surgery is an operation your doctor may suggest if your health is at risk due to severe obesity. The procedure involves reducing your stomach size and connecting it to the lower part of your small intestine which restricts the amount of food you can eat and the amount of calories you’re able to absorb […]

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Adjustments in Scotland

I am delighted to wish my colleague Mary Conlon who is based in Scotland my best wishes on her continued service in Band Adjustments. This is just to let people know that Mary is able to offer her gastric adjustment service for patients in or near Glasgow, Scotland. Mary has been adjusting Gastric Bands for […]

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Christmas Dinner

We’re here over Christmas

At this time of year especially with the media of TV adverts, and the social calendar of party and meal invites over the festive period, it is sometimes a stressful time for people who have had weight loss procedures and do not wish other people to know. This is particularly true of band patients who […]

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Gastric Bands mean a Healthier Lifestyle

Your key to a healthier lifestyle

Your Gastric Band is a tool which will helps you lose weight and maintain a happier, healthier lifestyle. The key to any success is understanding how it works and the things you can do to make it more effective for yourself. When you attend for adjustments it is likely you will be shown a zone […]

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gastric fill adjustment

Signs to recognise when you need a fill adjustment

Nature has evolved us to be adaptors of our environment and our bodies are no different. The Gastric Band is a tool which is restrictive, and so by making changes to our diet coupled with having the correct adjustment and restriction we lose and maintain our weight loss. Everyone’s response to an adjustment is unique […]

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gastric bands

Effects of flight travel on gastric bands

For people who travel regularly with their jobs, the correct restriction for flight travel will probably be something that never occurs to them. However for new ‘banders’ especially, it is important to know that air travel can affect the restriction the band. This is especially true of long-haul flights. It does not affect everyone, but […]

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How does a gastric band work?

Gastric banding is a surgical treatment for obesity. These kinds of intervention are known as bariatric surgery. The procedure constricts the stomach, so that a person feels full after eating less food than usual. Here are some key points about gastric band surgery. Gastric band surgery is a type of weight loss, or bariatric, surgery. […]

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