Summer Dining After Bariatric Surgery

Summer Dining After Bariatric Surgery

Many people believe that after weight loss surgery your food choice is very restricted.  During the summer when barbeques and alfresco eating is an absolute pleasure, we are confident to say you can have as much fun as you like!

Here are some sizzling summer tips- follow these for maximum fun and flavour!

Eating Out Guidelines To Keep You Feeling Great

Before You Go

Plan your meals and drinks. Spur of the moment decisions can lead to following the crowd, you need to make sure you choose the right meal for your goals.

Planning for the whole day will help at first. If you are eating out in the evening, have just a light bite at lunchtime.

If eating at a restaurant, have a look at the menu before you go and if they serve large portions look at the starters you could choose as your main meal.

Remember to drink 30 minutes before and after your meal if you are drinking. And remember after surgery you can drink a little of your favourite tipple – but be careful the alcohol will affect you more than before!


Important Things to Remember During Your Meal

Order grilled/steamed/poached/roasted or baked rather than fried foods.

Eat any protein foods first, remember our priority is protein to keep your hair, nail and skin strong after surgery.

Avoid creamy sauces whenever possible. if you wish to have them, ask for them on the side never on your meal.

If you are tempted by the choices of others, order your meal first, this way you are in control and you know you’re making the right choice for your goals.

Taste, Taste and More Taste!

After your surgery, you may notice you have different taste experiences. this is not unusual. You can enjoy the flavours of the foods you choose with the knowledge that if you follow these tips you will definitely enjoy your post-bariatric surgery summer dining. Bon appetite!