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What Should I Expect After A Fill?

You should introduce yourself to a normal healthy diet gradually after a fill. This is because there is localised swelling around the band caused by the adjustment which is normal. For this reason you should take fluids such as soups and protein drinks for 24 hours after the fill. Then move onto soft blended food, and then after another 24 hours introduce your normal diet. Remember quantity, density and texture of foods.

What If I Don’t Feel Any Restriction?

Don’t worry – after a fill it is quite normal not to feel a restriction. It can take 7-10 days after the adjustment for your body to adjust. Remember it may take more than one adjustment to get to a point where you are eating small portions and not feeling hungry. Every person and their band is unique to them. We will support you to reach your optimum restriction where you can eat a healthy diet but in smaller portions. Remember you are not alone, the Band is a great tool for a longer and healthier life, but like anything worth having you have to realise it is not a magic answer but a great investment to gaining control of weight gain.

What Do I Do If I Feel There Is Too Much Restriction?

Providing you can swallow fluids, then try to persevere as the restriction does tend to loosen over the days post adjustment. Sip fluids such as water, soup and protein drinks so you will avoid lethargy and then gradually introduce blended and then normal density diet. Many people report the restriction is more in the morning, and hormonal changes as well do affect the tightness of the band. We are always here to advise, and if necessary a small defill can make a large difference. Providing there are no symptoms of severe overfill such as vomiting and pain things usually settle. Remember we are always contactable, but if you are in discomfort, or at risk of dehydration, you should always go to either a Walk In Centre, or Accident and Emergency of a local NHS Hospital, preferably one with a Bariatric Service to have a defill. We will always be there to offer advice, but to be physically present at all times is unfortunately not realistic- so always have a PLAN B.

Can I Eat Regular Foods?

Absolutely, just remember it doesn’t matter how tight your band is, ice-cream, chocolate and alcohol, which are full of empty calories will always go through !! Everything in moderation.

Can I Fly With My Band?

No problem at all, short haul flights are fine, and even long haul is fine, the band restriction does tend to tighten, so for comfort you may wish to allow for this and have a small defill. If the band does tighten, then stay on fluids until symptoms settle.

What If I Become Pregnant?

It is best to defill the band during pregnancy, and then after delivery come back for an adjustment.

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Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery, also called bariatric or metabolic surgery, is sometimes used as a treatment for people who are very obese.

It can lead to significant weight loss and help improve many obesity related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.

Gastric Band Support offers fully supported weight loss surgery arranged in Belgian with an expert surgeon, licenced hospital and full concierge services of patient Services Manager and UK based Bariatric Specialist Nurse.

Gastric Sleeve

The surgeon removes a part of the stomach and makes it banana shaped which is much smaller than originally. The part of the stomach that boosts your appetite is removed.

Mini Bypass

A small stomach and a diviated digestion makes sure that the patient is eating and absorbing less. This is a unique combination for a longterm healthy physical condition.

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