Effects of flight travel on gastric bands

For people who travel regularly with their jobs, the correct restriction for flight travel will probably be something that never occurs to them. However for new ‘banders’ especially, it is important to know that air travel can affect the restriction of the band. This is especially true of long-haul flights. It does not affect everyone, but in my experience have found it is more likely than not to be the case. For this reason, I always suggest to my clients, that a small defill is the safe conservative way to travel.

By being proactive and having a small defill, you can relax in the knowledge that if your band does tighten with the pressurised cabin pressure of the aeroplane, symptoms of over-restriction and the possibility of not being able to eat or drink comfortably will be minimised. Dehydration and a possible trip to a healthcare facility for a defill can be avoided.

In warmer climes, we have to increase our liquids to avoid dehydration and so being proactive means you can enjoy your vacations safely. On return home, after a few days to restabilise pressure, and a return to familiar eating patterns then a fill adjustment can keep you making healthy choices.