Signs to recognise when you need a fill adjustment

Nature has evolved us to be adaptors of our environment and our bodies are no different. The Gastric Band is a tool that is restrictive, and so by making changes to our diet coupled with having the correct adjustment and restriction we lose and maintain our weight loss. Everyone’s response to an adjustment is unique to them, and it can be frustrating when we try to compare another person adjustment history to our own.

A fill adjustment is recommended when you become hungrier between meals and your portion sizes increase. Your weight loss may stall or reduce, and old eating habits begin to creep back in. It is important to recognise these signs and make some small changes to your diet such as introducing more densely textured food, to try and keep the pouch fuller for longer and prevent hunger pangs.

You are in control- remember that. But by taking advice from your gastric band adjustor, optimum weight loss can be achieved. By booking in for a review of your progress and care and having a fill adjustment as soon as you start to feel hungrier and portion size increases, you can control your hunger and continue losing or maintaining a healthy weight.