We’re here over Christmas

At this time of year especially with the media of TV adverts, and the social calendar of party and meal invites over the festive period, it is sometimes a stressful time for people who have had weight loss procedures and do not wish other people to know. This is particularly true of band patients who maybe want to have some fluid taken out so they do not have as much restriction so they can indulge over the festive period.

The band is a great weight loss tool, and the beauty of it is that each individual can manage their own lifestyle’s. You should be confident in the knowledge that here at Gastric Band Support, as your Bariatric Nurse Specialist is there to support you in whatever way I can.
Enjoy your diet choices and your relationship with food as much as you wish in a relaxed way, and don’t expect too much of yourself if you slip into old habits. Christmas is one day! We are all human and sometimes it’s nice to take your foot off the pedal, your weight loss journey and lifestyle is an investment with your gastric band or other bariatric surgery for life. You can continue making healthy lifestyle choices as you are in control.

I’m offering over the holidays Emergency Band Adjustment service in Manchester in case of need. Just contact me on 07947 606275.
Thanks to all my clients for the patronage and genuine goodwill you give me all year round, and best wishes for 2020.