Manchester’s Top Gastric Band Support Groups and Resources

Weight loss journeys can be tough, but they’re often made easier when there’s a strong community support network to rely on. For those living in Manchester, who have chosen the gastric band procedure as their weight loss tool, there are numerous resources and support groups available to aid in the journey towards a healthier life. In this blog post, we will explore some of Manchester’s best gastric band support groups and resources to consider.

Bariatric Surgery Support Group – Manchester

The Bariatric Surgery Support Group is an open forum for individuals who have undergone or are considering undergoing weight loss surgeries like gastric banding. The group meets monthly, providing opportunities for members to share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. The supportive environment fosters an understanding community where each person’s journey is respected and valued.

LighterLife Manchester

LighterLife Manchester offers a comprehensive approach to post-surgery care with psychological counselling, physical activity encouragement, and dietary advice. Their support groups are facilitated by professionals experienced in helping individuals navigate the lifestyle changes necessary after bariatric surgeries.

Lighter Life Link

Weight Loss Surgery Manchester (WLSM)

WLSM is an invaluable resource for people who have undergone bariatric surgery. It provides online and offline platforms for patients to connect, share their experiences, and offer each other support. They also offer educational resources, including diet plans and fitness tips tailored to the needs of post-surgery individuals.

Spire Manchester Hospital Bariatric Support Group

Spire Manchester Hospital offers a dedicated bariatric support group that meets quarterly. It’s open to anyone who has undergone weight loss surgery, regardless of where the procedure was carried out. It’s a great space to discuss issues, share experiences, and learn from guest speakers who are experts in the field of bariatrics.

Manchester Gastric Band Facebook Group

In the age of digital communication, online support groups are a convenient and accessible resource. The Manchester Gastric Band Facebook Group is one such resource, providing a virtual platform where individuals can seek advice, share their stories, and give or receive support at any time, from anywhere. The group is private to ensure discussions remain confidential and respectful.

Obesity UK

While not specific to Manchester, Obesity UK is a national charity dedicated to supporting individuals affected by obesity. They offer resources for post-surgery life, including dietary guidance and physical activity strategies. They also run online forums where individuals can connect and support each other in their journeys.

Bariatric Cookery

Bariatric Cookery is an online resource offering a wealth of recipes and cooking tips tailored to post-bariatric surgery lifestyles. They understand the unique dietary needs of individuals who’ve undergone gastric banding and strive to make healthy eating enjoyable and sustainable.

In conclusion, getting a gastric band surgery is a significant step on the journey to weight loss, and the path to adjusting your lifestyle post-surgery can often feel overwhelming. However, with a wealth of gastric band support groups and resources available in Manchester, you are not alone. These communities offer a place to share experiences, seek advice, and find comfort and strength in shared journeys.

Remember, always consult with your healthcare provider or a professional dietitian for personalised advice regarding your health and dietary needs after gastric band surgery. They can provide accurate information tailored to your individual situation.